Portrait Procedure


1) The client and I will meet to discuss the painting process and activities. An estimate of the total cost will be given to the client. A deposit of 1/3 of the portrait price is to be paid before continuing to the next step. Any travel expenses should be reimbursed as they are incurred.

2) The subject will sit for various photos and poses to determine composition, clothing, lighting etc.

3) If possible, the subject will sit for a “poster study.” The poster study is a 5”x7” study of the color and effect of the light on the subject.

4) Client will approve composition, pose, and poster study. Second payment is made following approval.

5) The subject will sit for the following phases as much as possible, though I will work from my photographs as well.
a. Charcoal drawing on canvas
b. “Ink-in” of charcoal drawing with thinned oil paint
c. “Wash-in” underpainting of full portrait with thinned oil paint
d. Form painting of full portrait in oil

6) After painting is completed and mostly dry, I will present it to the Client for final approval and payment of balance.


Pricing of a commissioned portrait is based on size, number of individuals, level of detail and background. Please contact Deborah for an estimate, to ask questions, or to get started!